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$30/month=Feed a Child for one month

Please be sure to indicate “reoccurring” donation at check out to make your monthly donation happen automatically. 

On April 4, 2014 we were contacted with an urgent request to help an orphanage located in Kinshasa, DRC. The orphanage had very little resources and there wasn’t enough food to go around. We arranged for a team to visit the orphanage to get a handle on the conditions and to meet with the orphanage staff to figure out what how best to help.  On Wednesday April 9, our team delivered a first of what we hope will be many food drops providing the orphanage with enough food to properly feed the children for two weeks. The orphanage currently is home to 40 children. Our goal is to help the orphanage through these tough times and eventually help by adding sustainable projects so the orphanage can sustain itself. We hope YOU can join us in making a difference for these children.

Current Project Goals: (30- $30/month sponsors)
-$1000 in monthly support to help meet the immediate needs of feeding the children.
This fee includes a nutritionist to develop a balanced and healthy diet for the children, bi-monthly food drops with a check-in visit with orphanage staff, transportation for deliveries and on the ground staff who will maintain the project and continue education.

How you can be involved:
-Help feed a child in the orphanage for a gift of $30 a month

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