Past Projects

Thanks to your generosity the following projects have been completed.

  • Funding Fun- multiple swing sets have been provided to organizations or orphanages because we believe that ALL children deserves FUN!
  • November 2014- Urgent Medical expenses raised for Baby Michael who came into the orphanage in desperate need. Baby Michael continued to received extra monthly formula with these funds.
  • April 2013-Current- Monthly food deliveries are made to our orphanage partners in Kinshasa.
  • Pillow Project- We asked the children at Kimbondo Orphanage what they wished for and their request was simply a pillow. We were privileged to employ Congolese women to help make this wish come true. As of March 2014, we fulfilled this project granting every child at this orphanage as well as the girls at Matimuani orphanage with a pillow.
  • Garden Project- In December 2013, Love More Foundation supported the gardeners in Kisenso with additional gardening supplies to assist with the garden business.
  • Backpack and School Supply Project- In September 2013, Love More Foundation was able to deliver over 100 backpacks and school supplies to many regions in the DRC helping prepare students for the 2013-2014 school year.
  • End of Year Celebration- In May 2013, Love More partnered with Giving Back to Africa to provide an end of the year celebration to the students at PAID school. We also provided waste containers that the students were able to use as a culminating activity for their waste management study. The students took these containers into the streets of their community and helped clean up the area.
  • Centre Emmanuel land expansion- In April 2013, we were able to supply Centre Emmanuel with additional funds needed to help purchase the land needed to expand the orphanage.
  • Mattress project- In April 2013, we supplied PAID orphanage with mattresses to replace their existing mattresses. Love More Foundation also supplied them with new bedding for the new mattresses.
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