Who We Are


 Katie & Ian McDaniel, Directors

Ian and Katie had the privilege of traveling to the DRC for the first time in 2012. They quickly fell in love with the beautiful country and people. Their trip ignited a passion to continue helping and serving. Katie has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and Ian has an MBA with a bachelors degree in Physical Therapy.

Becky Mautner graduated from Tulane University with degrees in Latin American Studies and Spanish.  Becky has worked with non-profit organizations specifically on the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse, specifically amongst children.  Her focus was on education and outreach in schools, community centers and health clinics.  In recent years, her focus has shifted to finding ways to support and help women and children in impoverished regions.  After a trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2012, Becky’s passion for supporting their children and helping to find ways to help orphanages care for, nurture and support the many orphans was ignited.

Mindy Walker is an attorney who desires to advocate for impoverished women and children.  Mindy has worked with refugees and the poor of Athens, Greece; has volunteered at an orphanage in Ghana and has served the local indigent population through representation in cased involving criminal and child protective matters.  Mindy spent six months in DR Congo in 2013 and visited in 2014.  While there, Mindy observed how sustainable projects can have a positive impact on individual lives and a whole community.  She is passionate about programs promoting basic needs, education and sustainability.



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